What to do with old iPhone cases?

What to do with old iPhone cases

With every new iPhone launch, we all have that itch to upgrade and get the new shiny gadget, leaving the old one not that useful. As soon as you make the purchase, it’s not just the iPhone which gets old but also the accessories you bought.

What to do with old iPhone cases?

This is not a big question now, but it is for a lot of people. What exactly you can do with old iPhone cases. We at OMGCovers sell premium iPhone cases, which you can explore for the shiny new iPhone.

So, we also thought of sharing about what to do with old iPhone cases.

#1 Sell with the old phone

It’s always a good choice to sell the old iPhone and its case with the same. There is no better option than this if you’re all set to sell the old gadget.

#2 Donate to someone in need

This is the best thing you can do. A big number of people purchase old generation iPhone models as they get cheaper with the newer model launches.

As you have purchased a newer one, you can donate the old iPhone case to your friend or neighbor who has purchased an older one.

#3 Use it as a tray

I know it doesn’t look that cool but old smartphone cases can be used to keep soaps in the bathroom. There are a few openings in a case (for the camera, speaker, switches, etc.) which helps the excess water to go away from the soap, keeping it dry.

This one simple hack will keep the soap running for longer time than usual.

#4 Explore Pinterest for more ideas

Pinterest is a hub for home décor ideas, and you can also find unique and creative ways to put old iPhone cases to use. Open up the Pinterest and search for the design ideas. Do share your favorite one in the comment section.

Over to you

At the end, it’s your decision which matters. Comment down how exactly you’ll take care of your old iPhone cases.